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Can anyone identify the song right after the UFO sequence in this video? If you know of similar music, please reccomend it.

And I'm familiar with the Tijuana Brass.
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Response by poster: Starts at 1:02
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I don't know what it is except awesome. Staying tuned to see the answer.
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Well I don't know what it is, but to answer your second question, check out Finland's own surf band: Laika and the Cosmonauts. I love them when I'm in that kind of mood.
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Sounds very familiar, like typical Ninja Tune/DJ Food/Coldcut fayre. I have some of their stuff I haven't listened to in ages. I'll get back to you if I find anything for sure.
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No clue on that specific track, but for similar stylings, I'd recommend the album Kumquat by Kumquat (there is another kumquat, but I dunno what they sound like), On The Ropes by Mint Royale, and Bentley Rhythm Ace by Bentley Rhythm Ace.
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That song is pretty rad, and I'm sorry that I can't help out more than I think it was a theme song for a t.v. show. However, along the same vein is atomic moog 2000 from coldcut.

Aquasky/Karminsky experience has something about space travel (a line is sampled from an interview with an astronaut "what the sky looks like/what the stars look like/do they twinkle when you get out of the atmosphere or are they a steady light")

Check out the science fiction jazz series and you could probably dig up something decent.

Also somaFM has a station which plays downtempo, old spy movie/tv show theme songs which might fit the bill:

its called "secret agent" if you need to do a shoutcast search.

If you do find the song, please let me know. I love this kind of stuff.
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Best answer: It's "The Planet Plan" by United Future Organization from their album "3rd Perspective". (The song actually starts at 0:45.)

I don't know about it being a TV theme song, but it was used in some of the promo spots for The Incredibles.
e.g., "Trailer #1" at

Other albums you might like: "Trip Tease" by Tipsy, "Permutation" by Amon Tobin.

I second the "Secret Agent" recommendation. Also, check out LuxuriaMusic.com (though it can't possibly compare to the original Luxuria; ah, those were the days).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the reccomendations guys...

I'm still holding out for an ID. If I figure it out, I'll post here.
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Celkins got it. It is "The Planet Plan".
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Response by poster: On preview (several hours later): Thanks celkins!
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Response by poster: The secret agent channel is perfect.
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