Condo insurance recommendations in FL?
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FloridaInsuranceFilter: So I need to get insurance in the Sunshine State...

I need to find condo owner insurance (in Pasco county, if that makes a difference). Homeowner's isn't necessary; that's carried by the condo property. I just need insurance for contents.

I've been here, and I've perused a few threads here at AskMe. Obviously there are a lot of insurance companies in FL, so I'd like a personal recommendation from someone here. Compounding the issue is that I'm in Toronto, so this is all basically going to be done remotely.

Thanks in advance.
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Your county certainly makes a difference. Pasco is a closed county for new business with most of the companies that are still writing new business in Florida. You are probably going to have to go with the state-funded company, Citizens. The premiums are higher, but in Pasco you may not have a choice.
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Response by poster: Thanks, people!
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