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So some Sunday in mid June I'm going to be driving from Los Angeles to Fresno. I will meeting a vegetarian with a sensitivity to wheat and soy products for lunch. I'm thinking about finding someone in Los Angeles to prepare an Indian tiffin for me. I'll need to pick up the tiffin on Saturday afternoon in order to make it to Fresno in time for lunch. Since this mid-June I'll also pick up a basket of organic cherries. I'm looking for someone who does delicious Indian take out food that can be stored overnight. I'm open to suggestions for non-indian treats.
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Is there an issue about simply commisioning the tiffin from an Indian restaurant or caterer in Fresno? Fresno does have vegetarian Indian restaurants such as, Brahma Bull.

What kind of treats are you talking? Sweet? Savory?
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Response by poster: I wasn't able to find many reviews online of veg restaurants in Fresno so my assumption was that I could find more, and probably better, indian food in Los Angeles.
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I have not been a part of that area for awhile. Here are Indian restaurants in Fresno here. Brahma Bull is near the University and had decent vegetarian, give them a call. While The Sweets shop may provide you better information with just a call, who knows you may find someone who is willing to cook the meal in question for pick-up.
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