How do i get my All Clad shiny again?
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I damaged my All-Clad MC2 cookware by using Cascade powder in the dishwasher. Now the exterior surface is all dull and rough-feeling. Any idea how I can repair the damage?
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It's dead, sorry. The only repair would be sanding the stainless steel surface down, which risks cutting into the aluminum core.
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I doubt the stainless steel surface was affected; that's why it's called "stainless." The exterior aluminum surface has darkened and perhaps pitted, right? You can scrub this down with an abrasive cleanser and abrasive scouring pad (you know the ones that scratch your glassware). The surface will never look as new because the abrasion will affect the "brushed" original finish, but you likely can get much of the discoloration off, especially if it only had one trip through the dishwasher. It's merely cosmetic damage though, so you could also just leave it. Darker surfaces are preferred for catching the heat from an open flame anyway (although the difference is tiny).
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frogan, MC2 has a brushed aluminum exterior.

To solve the problem, perhaps liberal use of Bar Keeper's Friend could restore it. The stuff is magic in my experience. It's not supposed to be used on anodized aluminum, but it seems OK with MC2 according to the mention in the cleaning instructions on this Amazon page.
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You might try this before abrasion.
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I use BKF on all my All-Clad and other hand-wash-only cookware. Great stuff, with a bit of coarse salt added if needed.
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Thanks. On a related note, Cascade gel doesn't seem to damage the surface at all, is that correct?
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frogan, MC2 has a brushed aluminum exterior.

Sorry. Read it wrong. Was talking about the stainless steel interior. Carry on.
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Try a fine wire brush, like the one DeLorean
provided, to touch up the finish on his car.
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I have no idea if this stuff works but it's supposedly formulated to remove scratches/blemishes, polish, and restore brushed aluminum finish.
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"Thanks. On a related note, Cascade gel doesn't seem to damage the surface at all, is that correct?"

Shouldn't you avoid potentially ruining your pans and just hand wash them?
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Cascade Gel will be fine. Though, frankly, I'm somewhat surprised the powder had a bad effect. It's supposed to dissolve completely.
Ditto on the BKF recommendation. Awesome stuff.
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Like mhuckaba, I would strongly suggest hand-washing your pans (and your knives, and your good china, and any other expensive kitchen stuff). That's a pretty big investment to destroy accidentally.
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Aluminum is reactive with alkaline cleansers and acidic foods. The powder always has a bad effect. Do not wash aluminum with dishwasher powder. I am surprised the gel does not have a bad effect. It must have a neutral pH. Does it clean as well? Liquid laundry detergents are acknowledged by the industry to be far less effective than the powders. I always assumed the same was true in dishwashing. I would be cautious with the gel. This is a question for the manufacturer, of the pan or detergent. Do they stand behind their product in such use?
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Cascade Gel discolored my MC & MC2 pans. And I was SO excited to finally have a diswasher. Oh well.
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