Help to identify this music
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Can anyone identify the music in this MP3 file?
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what the hell is the 10 second song....? what the hell is everything else in those eight minutes?
posted by trinarian at 7:09 PM on May 30, 2006

It's from 2600, so it's probably some weird phreaking thing. No idea as to the song though, sorry.
posted by quin at 7:24 PM on May 30, 2006

Sounds like a numbers station, though the telephone sounds at the beginning and end are a bit odd. Some numbers stations use fragments of music as start or stop signals.
posted by fvw at 7:42 PM on May 30, 2006

Don't have an answer, but you may want to take advantage of the free go you get here.
posted by tellurian at 8:36 PM on May 30, 2006

Response by poster: For more context on the call Google "01305 60510"
posted by queue_strategy at 8:52 PM on May 30, 2006

Thanks queue_strategy, that was an hour I didn't have spare :-) Everyone seems stumped on that music.
posted by tellurian at 9:52 PM on May 30, 2006

It just sounds like a numbers-station parody or pastiche that someone worked up. Certainly not a real phone call; the "hold music" could have been recorded from any random call center or switchboard and looped, or else digitally manipulated from a non-phone source. The fading of the music is clearly artificial and the reading of the numbers doesn't have the proper timbre of a telephone recording. Nothing particularly exceptional about it, really. Just sounds like a bored geek toying with GoldWave on a rainy afternoon.
posted by mykescipark at 10:44 PM on May 30, 2006

There's music in there?
posted by Dunwitty at 12:17 AM on May 31, 2006

Huh. So now I know about numbers stations.
posted by Prince Nez at 3:40 AM on May 31, 2006

The music at the very beginning (right after the call gets 'answered') is "Little Black Heart," by A-ha.

I'm pretty sure.
posted by wells at 9:33 AM on May 31, 2006

I was thinking about doing a fpp on numbers stations, they are fascinating.
posted by Squid Voltaire at 12:48 PM on May 31, 2006

I listened to the album "Little Black Heart" is on this morning before work, and it is indeed the song snippet in that recording. There's been no pitch modulation or anything, either. Same key, same speed.
posted by wells at 6:40 AM on June 1, 2006

Yup. Definitely "Little Black Heart" by a-ha. The album is called Minor Earth/Major Sky.
posted by edlundart at 12:02 PM on June 1, 2006

I wouldn't bother with an FPP on the Numbers Stations. They've been on every conceivable news program and blog over the past ten years at this point...
posted by mykescipark at 6:36 PM on June 4, 2006

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