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Getaway Askmefi: Can you find us a beautiful retreat in France, Spain or Italy?

My girlfriend and I are hoping to get away for ten days or so in August. Ideally we'd like a self-catering cottage in France, Italy or Spain, with no neighbours, warm weather, a view and, if possible, a touch of the romantic. We live in the UK and our budget isn't too prohibitive. We just want to read books, drink wine and eat good food far from the madding crowd. Postcard and a bottle of good local wine to the best suggestion. Thanks in advance.
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Not sure it'll fit all your requirements, but you might want to check out this place.
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I spent a very relaxing 2 weeks in Cucuron once. Very quiet village, nice walks, enough people that it is self contained (bakery, butcher, cheesemonger, wine) but not very big and a lot of it is stairs only so no vehicles. If you got a house that had a private patio you would be pretty far from the madding crowd, though not entirely away from it.
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Don't know if this place is available but you might try this house in france.
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Not a place, but a guidebook recommendation; have you tried looking through Alistair Sawday's Special Places To Stay? There are editions for all three countries you name.
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Luxury Retreats rents all sorts of villas in Europe.
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Portugal is also nice, if you didn't have enough options already. Which brings up the question, do you want water in that view, or no?
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Best answer: Try Summers Leases for great places for two in Italy - maybe this one?
Have stayed at three different properties and they have all been amazing...
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Try SlowTravel?
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My wife and I stayed here last summer and it was wonderful. The Bearn - as that region of France is known - is amazing and vastly underrated.
Also, for France, it is very affordable and has something for everyone (beaches, mountains, shopping, culture, etc.)

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks all, good shouts each and every one. We're going to try and book here. Janecr, red or white?!
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Oooh - red, please! Stayed at Podere La Rota there last year, highly recommended - and a great restaurant up the road. I think you can get 5% discount if you come via a recommendation, so I can email you my details if you like. Have a great time and watch out for the wild boar...
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