Where to host a large BBQ around Boston?
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Where in the Boston area can one host a large barbeque? (we may or may not be doing the actual grilling ourselves)

For various reasons, my fiance and I will not be inviting our friends to our upcoming wedding. Therefore, we want to hold a large engagement or pre-wedding party for all our friends - something more celebratory and 'special' than just having everyone over to our (smallish) backyard.
It's looking like between 30-40 people, plus a couple of toddlers.
We would like to serve alcohol (wine and beer) and have music (an iPod or laptop with a friend being the DJ, nothing spectacular)
My fiance wants to do the grilling himself if this is feasible, or we can get it catered (ideas for BBQ caterers in the Boston area would be appreciated).
other requirements: nothing too expensive - I'd like a nice place, but want to spend the bulk of the budget on the food and drink.
A place which is accessible by public transportation would be a huge bonus to avoid trying to organise carpooling for some car-less friends.
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I can't think of a place to barbeque off hand, but Redbones, in Davis Sq., has great bbq, and does cater. Although I haven't had them cater anything, it looks like they have a lot of experience catering, and I can definitely vouch for the delicious food!
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Fuddruckers (New England) has a truck for catering barbecues, so presumably they would have some good answers to this question. You could ask them, whether or not you were interested in hiring them.
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I don't know if they cater to outdoor locations, but check out Jasper White's Summer Shack. While geared more towards clambakes, they have a varied menu.

An ideal place would be adjacent to the new Teddy Ebersol Red Sox Fields on the Esplanade (on Storrow Drive, next to the Science Museum T-stop; across from MGH). It appears, however, that the timeframce for reserving the facility this summer has passed. You still might want to check with the Department of Conservation and Recreation [PDF].
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I cecond Redbones -- you can't go wrong with them.

Also, consider Uncle Pete's (East Boston) for BBQ catering.

I'd suggest calling each caterer and asking if they have suggestions for locations. They might have "deals" with outdoor venues.
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Blue Ribbon BBQ in Newton and Arlington is also very good.
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Blue Hills and Larz Andersen Park are two great places near Boston to BBQ. Larz is in/near Brookline.
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Down by the Charles River in North Allston. There are BBQ grills and tables in the area along the riverfront behind the Western Ave. area. We used to do it quite a lot, but that was in the last century. I don't know what the laws are these days in Boston...
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You might check out the Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley, it's a beautiful spot and there is a building that I think they rent out for events like this.
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If you're interested in having it outdoors, I second Zaelic's suggestion - it's located here. It's a lovely place to have a gathering. Not sure on the DJ / loud music or alcohol aspects of it (gatherings we've had there have involved alcohol, but have been small and calm enough that no one would probably have bothered us anyway, and we never asked).
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Oh, and I also second Redbones for the BBQ catering. My little brother worked there for a while and ... mmmmmmmmm ...
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First of all, you'd be nuts to pass up the chance to have Redbones cater the deal, and second of all, grilling for 30-40 people is quite a task! My wife and I had a cookout for about a dozen this last weekend, and we barely got a chance to eat or enjoy the pre-smores portion of the festivities. I think for 40 people you'd need at least a team of 3 that had no interest in actually enjoying themselves.

Larz Anderson is a great place recommendation, and is at least on a bus line, if not close to the Green Line.

You might also ask the folks at Redbones for a recommendation for a place in the Cambridge/Somerville area.
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Uncle Pete's is no longer in East boston. They moved to Revere.
RedBones does excellent catering.
Places: Most public beaches will not allow open fires. You could try to rent an Island. Thompson's Island in Boston is owned by an outward bound type of organization, and they have great facilities. Thompsonisland.org
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At this point I'm way late to the BBQ, but wanted to second this one:

Down by the Charles River in North Allston: The river and parks in this area are beautiful and pretty easily accessible by car or bike.

Also, though they technically require affiliation/scheduling, the barbecue pits by the MIT Kresge auditorium will be quite empty through the summer, and it's a nice little area.
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