Dreamweaver hates external stylesheets?
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How do I make Dreamweaver define CSS-properties in the external stylesheet by default?

Dreamweaver defines any new class, layer etc within the HTML file instead of the external stylesheet I create. Ok so appparently I can export them to the external file, but even once I've done that, the next ones are defined in the HTML file again. Whyyy?

I've been through the preferences etc, and I can't seem to find what I am missing. I'm sure it's something very basic and I'm being stupid, but it's driving me insane! Please help.
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When you use this dialog to define a new style, use the "Define in:" bit to choose the external stylesheet you want. I think DW remembers your preference for next time.
posted by matthewr at 3:09 PM on May 29, 2006

Response by poster: Nope, just tested it.

When I create a new layer afterwards, it still creates it in the HTML file.

Thanks though!
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Do you mean styles for a layer (i.e. <div> tag) are defined inline (i.e. <div style="position:absolute;top:10px;left:20px;"> etc)? I'm not sure how to change that default behaviour, other than entering <div class="myclass"> and using DW to define myclass in your external css.
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Response by poster: No, they're given a name then defined in the head of the HTML file.

I draw a new layer and end up with:
<div id="Layer1"></div>

and Layer1 will be defined in the head. I can easily cut/paste that into the external css (and I do at the moment) but it would be even easier if I didn't have to.
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Hmm, I uninstalled Dreamweaver yesterday so I'm not sure I can be of any more use here.
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Can you make a new div with the new style dialogue box? Probably easier to cut/paste into the style sheet.
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