Great Doc for A Woman at Kaiser in L.A.?
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Can anyone recommend a good, woman-friendly physician or nurse practitioner at Kaiser-Permanente's Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles facility?

When I signed up for Kaiser years ago, I was assigned to a nurse practitioner who was so good, I never bothered to pick a personal physician. Now she's been promoted and no longer will be seeing patients, and I have no idea who to see for my (happily very infrequent) medical needs.

Since I mainly go to Kaiser for annual pap smears, I'd like to find someone who another woman can vouch for, ideally a practitioner open to alternative treatments and who is kindly and a good listener. I ran into a couple of absolute jerks there (two physicians and a nurse) when I was seeking non-hormonal birth control, and would like to avoid a repeat of that experience.

I reckon I'd be willing to go to a different L.A. Kaiser facility for a great doc, but Sunset and Vermont is ideal. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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I don't have a recommendation for a physician, but perhaps you could ask your former np to make one? I'm sure she'd be pleased to hear how much you have valued her over the years and would understand why you would appreciate her advice in the matter. Just a thought.
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I don't know if Jack Der-Sarkissian is still there (or if I haven't mangled his name beyond all recognition), but of the entire family med practice there, I liked him the best.

Ah, he is still there. His practice is probably pretty busy these days.
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I like my nurse practitioner at Kaiser Glendale: Gwyn O. Sivertsen. She's friendly and makes me feel comfortable, although I don't know what she thinks about alternative treatments.
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Hey, that's where I go too! Kinda negative, but I can only tell you the name of someone to avoid (email me - address is in profile - and I'll give you the name, if you like). Unfortunately I, too, am in need of someone good, so I'll be watching this thread.
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Response by poster: Rio, I will email you.

Thanks ikkyu2 and dreamyshade for the tips. I didn't even know there was a Kaiser in Glendale, that's equally convenient for me, and good to know.

I don't think it's a great idea to ask a medical practitioner to recommend another one, since they have such a different experience with the person than a patient would. She actually suggested someone with the letter that was sent advising that she was not going to be seeing patients anymore, which I promptly mislaid!
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In that case, you may wish to disregard my recommendation; I knew Dr. Der Sarkissian as a medical student, not as his patient.
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