Which Came First?
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X3/internetsfilter: *SPOILERS*Question about a line in the new Xmen movie as related to an internet meme.*SPOILERS*

Scene in X3, Juggernaut is chasing Kitty Pryde inside Alcatraz in order to get to Leech. Juggernaut gets pulled into the floor, looks up at Kitty, and amazingly enough out comes: "Dont you know who I am?! IM THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!"
So which came first, the meme or the line? It cant be a coincedence...
Does anybody know?
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The meme came first, in a redub of the cartoon.

I'd never heard of it before now, but my roommate went nuts when he heard the line in the movie last night because he'd seen the meme before.
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I think it was taken from the meme. My friend saw the movie and said she was the only one who laughed at that part.
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I just came back from seeing this movie, and I shouted out "I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!" , as a joke, after he asked "Do you know who I am?"
I was kinda shocked that he actually said it.

The movie, sadly, was just not very good. The highlight was the Snakes on a Plane trailer that came on before it.
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homunculus just dropped this into an old MoFi thread (it's a YouTube link featuring the relevant scene in X3)
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from the_bone's link, it's mentioned in the comments that there was a 5- minute epilogue at the end of the film, post-credits, that "makes the movie a little less sucky".

Crap! I went with a group during the workday, and we left when the credits started. Does anyone know of a good youtube or similar link that might have that 5 minute segment?
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Which reminds me, did nobody particularly cotton on to the fact that "have you tried not being a mutant?" in X-Men 2 was a (rip-off from|homage to) Joss/Buffy? As in "Have you tried not being a slayer" back in season 2?
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Does anyone know of a good youtube or similar link that might have that 5 minute segment?

mention of post credits scene

not the video, but really it's probably less than 30 seconds and, for us, it seemed more like a "Duh!" moment than anything else.
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AmbroseChapel - that "have you tried not being foo" is a gay metaphor. In both examples, the people it's being said to have just "come out" to their parents, as a slayer, or as a mutant respectively. It's the cliched response of a parent who's trying to deal with their child's 'difference' - "have you tried not being gay".

Er, back on topic, I had no idea that was a meme, I was mainly just shocked by the awfulness of Vinnie Jones. But there's a slightly weird wikipedia article here, about the original meme.
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AmbroseChapel - that "have you tried not being foo" is a gay metaphor.

I know (My friend is a lecturer in Gay Studies who plays that episode to his classes). Which is why it's a clever line to write when your kid tells you they're a superhero or mutant. Joss knows it too.
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There were a number of other Buffy references I caught in there (just remembering that I remembered, but not what they were off the top of my head) or at least reminded me of BtVS on more than a few occasions. Were any of the writers the same?

I thought the movie was better than the first two on a vast number of levels, this was the better of the three by far. The twists and seeming tragedies make it for some good cinematics. The boredom all the critics notice in the actors should probably be appropriately adjusted as part of the acting -- that they're tired of the anti-mutant mess going on in the story.

I'm curious myself of what the Alcatraz boy's X-name would be -- Paradox, perhaps? Because, if his mutant power is to mute others' powers... how can he still have powers himself? Wouldn't he mute himself in the process? If he was injected with his own syrum, would it even work? Snakes can be poisoned with their own poison, the sac it is produced in contains it securely. But the boy's power is radiative, meaning, it would have to mute himself in order to even work, if it was the same X-gene.

Couldn't Rogue hook up with that kid who mutes powers, though, instead of getting all cured? Then she could keep all the other stuff.

And why even bother with the bridge if Jean can "do anything"? Just blow up the frapping building from the forest or whatever in the world if you want.
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I missed it too. But wikipedia has a summary of the scene (and the rest of the movie)

A scene has been tacked onto the end of the film after the end credits finished. The scene is the pay off to a sequence that is set up early in the film while Professor Xavier gives a lecture on the ethics on the misuse of mutant powers. In this scene it depicts a man in a hospital bed awakening from a comatose state, the man awakes from his comatose state and calls out to Dr. MacTaggert using Xavier's voice. Dr. MacTaggert replies, "Charles?”.
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I'm curious myself of what the Alcatraz boy's X-name would be

I think the file that they got from Mystique said his name was "Leech." Which is good, but not as good as Paradox.
I just figured part of the deal of his power was that it didn't affect him, though. I mean, isn't the point of writing a series about mutants than you basically have no rules in terms of what they can and can't do?
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He's Leech in the comics as well.
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I think the question here is not which came first into the public eye (the redub) how it came to pass that they both have the line. Did the studio write this line into the script after the redub came out? Did they do a reshoot ala Snakes On A Plane (the new trailer for which was AMAZING, by the way). Was the redub made by someone who had seen a draft of the script? Complete coincidence? Viral Marketing?
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Agree that the trailer for Snakes on a Plane was, unfortunately, the best part of X-Men 3.

But we guarantee that none of them will have...


There was an audible gasp and cheer when the word SNAKES appeared on the screen in my theater.
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Anyone still know of where to get a torrent or video of that last scene?
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Not the best quality, but here.
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