What are the odds that I'm such a loser?
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Probability filter: How do you determine the odds of being extremely unlucky?

I know I've seen this explained, but my google-fu fails me, as does my brute-force mathematical figuring. Here's my problem -- if there's a game in which you're supposed to win 12% of the time, what are the odds that after 150 plays you only win 3 times (i.e. 2% of the time)?
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Best answer: For the exact case (3 wins in 150 trials) you want the binomial distribution (or, M in N).
P(3 in 150)  =  ((150!)/((150-3)!*3!))  * 0.12^3 * (1 — 0.12)150 — 3 
I'll.. leave the math to you.
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Best answer: two words: Binomial distribution
p = 0.12
n = 150
x = 3
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I screwed up the formatting. That last bit is (1-0.12)^(150-3). I tried computing it in bc and got 0.00000657, or 0.000657%
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The exact answer is



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Ugh. Neither of those appears to be repeating...

Google says the answer is 6.57483013 × 10-6.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I've also found this binomial distribution calculator, which may be helpful to anyone else interested in this question:

Binomial Disribution Utility (for Bernoulli Trials)
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I just thought it would amusing to give the exact answer, which I did in my post above. The approximate answer is 6.57483013 × 10^-6.
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