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Does anyone know of good computer software for general memorization?

When I approach a topic or realm of information, I find that I am a "top-down" learner - I need to master the big picture first before I can remember all the little details. I'm looking for a software program that can aid this process. . .specifically, something where I can enter an outline and be quizzed on the major points or subpoints. For example, if I were to learn about physiology, I would want something where I can put the names of the major systems, then subsystems, and so on. Then the software would quiz me at a high level ("what are the major body systems") and at a lower detail level (name the major areas of the brain) and so on down through levels of detail. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?
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Maybe FreeMind is what you're looking for? Take a look at the mind mapping wikipedia entry.
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Response by poster: That's similar to what I'm looking for on the input/mapping side, but I also want it to quiz me on the maps/outlines I create. Thanks for the tip, though - I wasn't aware of FreeMind.
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I played with memaid for a while, and it's a good little text-based unix flash card program. Mnemosyne seems to be its successor, and appears to be available for windows.

They both use a neural net and/or statistics to keep track of what you tend to remember and what you have trouble remembering. (I think the grandfather of this theme is a commercial program called SuperMemo.)

Not 100% what you're asking for. But Mnemosyne will import XML, so you could ostensibly use a good XML editor/outliner to set up your questions and answers.
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VTrain is excellent
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RE: VTrain, I have a problem with any company who threatens damage to your hard disk, even for cracked pirate copies (do you trust their little trojan to be bug-free?).
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It says on the left "Words disappear at random from my vocabulary files". I doubt it will actually delete files from the hard drive, probably just hide words from the vocabulary if it detects a badly cracked version.

I agree that it's truly disgusting, that warning wasn't there before in the previous version.
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