Appalachain Trail (Nantahala) guidance?
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A group of my friends and I are looking to hike the first leg of the Nantahala area AT this weekend, and can't figure out where to park and enter.

We would like to use the Cold Spring Shelter. I've read over this information, but can't understand what specific location on the river it is using for "miles from the Nantahala River", so as to determine where the shelter is located and where to enter. Does anyone have any idea? Any help is welcome.

If not, I'm absolutely open to other hiking and camping recommendations in the Jackson/Macon/Swain county area. We're going from Sunday to Tuesday morning, and a shelter is not necessarily required -- we have tents.
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Okay, not sure if this answers your question but, the AT crosses the Nantahala river at the N.O.C. The Nantahala Outdoor Center is a bunch of buidlings (restaurants, hostel, cottages) on the river. I'm think you could probably park your car there.

The Cold Spring Shelter is 11.5 miles south of the N.O.C. according to Wingfoot's guidebook.

If I remember correctly (I hiked from springer to Damascus earlier this year), the cold spring shelter is tiny, like 5 people max, so prepare to tent nearby. A couple thru-hiking I knew did see a black bear near there so make sure to hang your food bags.

Let me know if you need more info!

P.S. That isn't far from the Smoky's. Have you considered hiking part of it instead? It is very beautiful if you hit some nice weather and you will have much better views! I would recommend hiking the northern half as it is easier and more enjoyable in my opinion.
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