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What is the best sub woofer system for my car for circa 250 bucks (willing to go up to 300 probably). All in ones are welcome, but I hear bad things about the bass tubes.. All wiring is already installed and I get free hook up of the sub.

Flash Back: Last Oct I bought an RX8 (from imput here, thanks ask.) and I decided to get new speakers and a bass link sub in the truck. I bought from Circuit City and had them install (hey, dumb I know, it was on impulse) and I opted for the 27 dollar insurance for the bass link self enclosed and amped sub... well it shorted on on me.. They can't fix it, they no longer sell it and I get store credit. I get free installation - have all the wiring for an amp and have the speaker lines running off of the two rear speakers... Can I get a 10 inch sub, small amp, and encloser for circa 250 that wont completed SUCK. I dont need alot of bass, just enough to fill out the sound. The basslink was perfect but its gone and only a few stores have any bass link 2's left and they are 100 more..
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I'm happy with my ancient 8" self powered Bazooka Tube. Both formerly in my friends 323 hatch and now behind the seat in my PowerWagon. The response is fairly clean and installation is easy. I don't know if all tubes are like this but my Bazooka needs to be pointed at something solid, preferably into a corner from about 6" away.

They take up more space than a custom box fitted to your car (which your unlikely to get for $250) but less space then a generic box. Also they seem to have succumbed to power rating inflation, my tube is only rated at 40Ws but it'll blow your ears out in the cab of my truck if you were ever foolish enough to crank it right up. I've got a pair of passive tubes as well but the one powered tube is sufficient so I've never installed them.

Seem to be fairly tough too, I've got 5 years of trail use on it without any problems.
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Well, since you're limited to circuit city, I would take a look at any SEALED box subwoofer. They aren't as loud, but they are much cleaner-sounding.
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...look at any SEALED box subwoofer.

I'll second that. Would you rather have a nice loud, WOOMP! or actual musical notes?
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