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I'm taking care of my buddy's stag in Montreal and we are looking to get him into the last trouble he will ever see for the rest of his life. Which strip clubs / bars / clubs would you recommend in Montreal to have a good time?

I've searched the AskMe archives for Montreal but everything was about foot / siteseeing. Montreal is renowned as THE party city of Canada.

We don't have a ton of money to spend, but we aren't in the poor-house either. I'd say each of us is probably willing to spend around $100 (give or take) for a night out on the town.
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The most popular shit bar in downtown Montreal is the Peel Pub. Dirt-cheap recycled beer, cheap wings & spaghetti and things, relatively slutty waitresses, tons and tons of drunk university students. Loud music...

Really I guess it depends if you want like a total stereotypical stag night or what... I'm not the one to make strip club recommendations. Regardless of the earlier hijinks of the evening, something to think about would be to end it (if you're not just violently ill) by walking up St Laurent to Mondo Frite (which is open till 3 or 4 i think), and finishing the night with good conversation, delicious fries, and maybe some more beer (from around the world)...
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Best answer: Depending on your poison, $100/person isn't much for a real debauch of a night out in Montreal, especially if a strip club is involved --they are less boutiques of titillation than refined operations to separate men from their money.

Here are the general dancing/drinking areas and establishments:

1. The lower Main (St-Laurent blvd. south of Prince-Arthur): Home to Buona notte and other nouveau riche establishments featuring overpriced food, dumb Americans and vapid waitresses. Unless your thing is paying $50 for a plate of badly-cooked pasta -- paying to be seen in the establishment -- you won't find much here. The Prince Arthur blvd. might be a good place for dinner before-hand; they have a ton of sit-down Greek places with moderate to bad food -- but it's cheap. And good ambience.

2. The upper Main (St-Laurent blvd. north of Prince-Arthur): More of a hipster/uni student area, many cheap bars used to stag party hijinks. Recommendations: Copacabana -- say 'hi' to Tony -- , Frappé, Miami, La Cabane.

3. Crescent Street: Frat boys and the girls that love them. Probably the thickest density of bars/restos/night-clubs in Montreal. You wouldn't catch me dead on Crescent -- except for Ziggy's, a fine establishment -- but for many it's Montreal nirvana: loud house music, girls in tight clothing, boys with gold chains, etc.

4. Quartier-latin (St-Denis south of Sherbrooke): Sorta like upper St-Laurent, but more francophone. A decent mix of moderately-priced restos and bars. Recommendations: Pub-Quartier-Latin; Pub-St-Michel

5. Old-town: Tourists only. Avoid.

6. Peel pub (Sherbrooke and Peel): Where la belle ville hosts Boston 20-year-olds and Queens students. Regularly busted for recycling (esp. pasta -- urgh) but this tiled joint is always packed; has cheap beer; and doesn't appear to mind vomit.

7. Strip clubs: It's been years since I've been in one, but the enduring ones are Wanda's and Chez Parée -- both favoured by visiting sports stars and Shayne Corson. Look to drop serious cash, especially on a Fri or Sat night. Don't plan on drinking there -- or any Montreal strip club -- unless warm bottles of $8 Blue are your thing.

I can make more specific recommendations if you can narrow down just what you're looking for, your familiarity with Montreal, etc.
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Response by poster: We are staying in "downtown" Montreal at the">Four Points Sheraton. Basically we'll be there Friday night through Sunday afternoon.

My budget will likely be closer to a few hundred bucks instead of one, but we have a pretty diverse group of guys going with different economic situations so I want to keep costs reasonably in check. I'm thinking the night would start with some pre-drinking at something slightly cleaner than the Peel Pub (is this related to the sh!thole in Toronto of the same name?) and then progress on to the clubs and strip clubs afterward for the night.
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I hear Wanda's is fairly classy, Supersex is much more sexual and degrading apparently. Do it!
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Whatever you do, avoid the Plateau and Mile-End. Just stay on Crescent Street and St-Catherine and you'll be just fine. If you find yourself on St-Laurent or St-Denis, you've gone too far. You won't find anything of value on this "main" that everyone speaks of.
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Wanada's is indeed classy, and a higher class of dancers than you may be used to. "Downtown," on Ste-Catherine was recommended to me by someone who's been going there longer than the dancers have been alive. Be sure to tip the doorman.

If you need to embarass the groom, maybe a trip into the gay village is in order? Taking in a transvestite show and telling the performers that it's your buddy's birthday? Cafe Cleopatra has fetish nights, if you are going to tie him up on a spit, but if you're considering the Peel Pub then a fetish night is not your thing.

Maybe you'll find some of Montreal's colourful scum with the help of this guide:
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Pay no attention to the vice guide. The real fun in Montreal can be found on Ste-Catherine and Crescent streets.
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Given your info, I'd say go to Winnie's/Sir Winston Churchill's (on Crescent), have drinks, go to Crescent Street clubs, go to Wanda's (which is just around the corner on de Maisonneuve.) Be prepared to wait in line for Winnie's and other clubs, and maybe for Wanda's, as well.

And Mozai's right -- be sure to tip the doorman.
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Response by poster: What is an appropriate tip for the doorman?
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Out of curiosity, why ought one tip the doorman?
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Response by poster: Additionally, I looked into this company called "Montreal VIP" that takes care of all this stuff, books limos, etc. Is this worthwhile?
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This is AskMetaFilter - Macintosh, big tips, always hire a professional even if you can do it better and faster, etc. etc.

However, in this case I am very curious too.
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You tip the doorman because he's the guy who gives you a table.
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So obvious! You can tell how many strip clubs I've been to..
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Be sure to tip the doorman.

What is an appropriate tip for the doorman?

In my experience (15 years ago) at Wanda's, the doorman will both make sure you know you are supposed to tip and even suggest an appropriate amount. These knuckle dragging mafiosi are very helpful that way!
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