Please help me justify my SE k750i phone lust.
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Are there any unlocked k750i users who have successfully gotten their phone to tether to their powerbook and work reliably as a bluetooth modem with t-mobile in the US?

extra credit:
How well does AIM work on the k750i?
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When I first got my k750i, I spent a couple hours trying to get it to work (my s700i worked fine with my mac), but I tried the sms settings suggested by the Sony site, and called t-mobile and had to be sent up a few tiers to someone that had a clue of what I wanted to do, and they never did send me all the settings. I tried keying them in by hand but never got it to work.

I rarely use my bluetooth modem stuff so I haven't missed it.
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Response by poster: i think i may have finally found the answer on howard forums. thanks!
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Best answer: I was able to get this to work with my K750i and Powerbook on T-mo. I ended up dropping the service after a month or so because it was sloooow and I'm usually close enough to a wifi hotspot to do what I need. If I'm in the middle of nowhere, I've found Opera Mini on the K750i will do everything I need to -- google Local, language translation, wikipedia. The email client on the K750i is pretty basic but you can read your POP3/IMAP email and respond outside that clunky T-mobile mail client in T-zones.

I think it was a combination of a Howard Forums and Esato.

Unfortunately the K750i's GPRS is the slowest kind [in theory 56Kbps, in practice about 20Kbps]. T-mobile has EDGE which is faster, but it isn't supported on the phone. You have to get a new phone if to use EDGE or switch to Cingular for the higer speed stuff.
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