What new game can I play?
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I absolutely loved playing Pikmin 1 & 2 on Gamecube. What other games would I like?

Other games I played when I was younger: Commander Keen, Mission Impossible, Space Quest, Kings Quest, Lemmings on PS1. My partner has a PS2 and an X Box 360, but no PC. Help me find a new game - Olimar is sueing me for overtime!
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Response by poster: Oh, and I also still have the PS1 and am happy to play old games.
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Katamari Damacy sounds right up your alley, but I've never played it myself. And perhaps Animal Crossing?
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There are tons of great games out for all the systems. It depends on what genres you're into. Nothing gets more bang for the buck than the Nintendo DS. Go out and buy one, and a copy of New Super Mario Bros. and that's all you'll need for a long time.
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seconding vanoakenfold, Katamari Damacy for PS2 is fun fun fun! I had a blast rolling islands and continents and clouds into my katamari! Great fun for kids, too.
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I like Pikmin and KD. I would recommend Rez for the PS2!
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Best answer: Pikmin was so unique, which is why I think it's difficult to name similar games. It was one of the very few games that every member of my family played through from beginning to end. Based on that criteria, here are some other games you might like:

1) Jak and Daxter 1
2) Ratchet and Clank 1
3) Super Mario Sunshine

I also love the PS1 Spyro games. I think those are my all time favorites. Steer clear of the Gamecube Spyro games though.
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Consider Chibi Robo.
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Isn't Pikmin more of a non-military real time strategy (RTS) game? I love the hell out of Katamari Damacy (and sequel), but the play mechanics are unrelated. I think valid suggestions will combine puzzle solving and resource management, but with less emphasis on fighting than most RTS games.
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My suggestion: check out out the old Lemmings games.

You can try the original, recast into DHTML and playable in your browser, here: DHTML Lemmings
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Chibi Robo
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Definitely Animal Crossing. I love that game. I also found this page: Liked Pikmin 2? Try these.... And, since you obviously have a GC, if you haven't played Wind Waker, then you simply must. It's one of the best games I have ever played.
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Worms 3D?
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