I've got direct TV. Name the best way to get it on my ipod.
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My setup came with the R15 DVR that Direct TV makes. I want to get my DVR'd programs onto my ipod so I can watch them at the gym. Let me know what I have to do. Do I need to trade it for a standard Direct TV reciever and get a Tivo with Tivo to Go? Will that work with direct TV? Is there some sort of program that will work with my system and my XP laptop? Or is there something you can do to mod the R15? Is there a guy who hacks the boxes and lets you use the seemingly dead USB outputs? AND, if none of that works...should I ditch the ipod and get one of those PVP's that records videos and just set that up on TOP of my DVR? Or do they not work with satellite? I know, this is a lot. But any help would be appreciated.
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Doesn't DirecTV still offer a Tivo receiver? I thought they did. I've never heard of anybody hacking R15 receivers though.

Your EASIEST option is to get a kickass PM(media)P that plays divx, and just download your shows via bittorrent. It's about as legal (in the States, any way, thank you very much DMCA) as hacking your PVR, and way way way way way easier. :)
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