Where's the Metafilter of podcasting?
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How do I find interesting podcasts? Where's the Metafilter of podcasts?

There have previously been some threads asking for specific recommendations on podcasts but what I like to know: Is there any such thing as a "Metafilter for podcasts", i.e. some collaborative "Best of podcasts" site? Or any other editorial resource for discovering podcasts? Bonus question: Does any of them list non-English (in my case German) podcasts? And: Is there a meta-podcast, i.e. a show that reviews other shows?

To phrase the question more generally: When I look at Podcastalley.com's 19000-odd listed programmes, I immediately get overwhelmed, especially since I'd have to invest a significant amount of (downloading) time to evaluate a particular podcast. How can I cut through the crap to get to the nuggets? The only review site I know of is http://podcastreviews.net/.
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Pony! MetaPod!
posted by penguin pie at 5:36 AM on May 25, 2006

adam curry is the devil.
posted by dawdle at 6:45 AM on May 25, 2006

For browsing/discovering there's Odeo.
posted by superfem at 7:11 AM on May 25, 2006

Should mention Odeo has "popular" lists and tons of tags which make it somewhat useful for narrowing selections. Though not exactly the review site you're looking for.
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superfem, while indeed Odeo isn't exactly what I had in mind, it does try to fill this exact need. So, thank you, I'll check it out.

@dawdle: while adam curry might not be the horned one, I was wondering why his show Daily Source Code had any listeners. In the one episode I listened to, he was sitting at the breaktfast table with his wife and they were discussing what they were eating. Is it the (modest) celebrity factor or are there more interesting episodes?
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I quit listening when it got blocked by the Great fireWall but Newsvine was off to a decent start with their podcast called Vineseeders.
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This is super interesting. Are there any links for a Video Podcasting filter?
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Since quite a lot of people seem interested in this question, maybe someone will link this thread in blogs or message boards from which possibly some more answers might result? Has anything like ever happened BTW? I.e. some question left open on the green makes its rounds in blogland which leads to answers? Just curious.

Judging from the fact that as many people have replied in this thread as there are people who marked this as a favorite, there seems to be quite some interest, but little answers.
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I just discovered a digg-clone for podcasts: ZapZap.
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