Good Restaraunt in Alameda?
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Where is a good place to meet some friends for dinner close to here in Alameda, CA?
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There's not a lot of dining options on that side of Alameda. On the other side however...

Spieskammer / directions
Excellent hearty German grub. Meats, sausage, beers, spaetzle, and even veg options.

Angelfish / directions
Superb fish expertly prepared. For friends familiar with the East Bay, it's run by an ex-Kirala guy.

Yume Sushi / directions
Traditional sushi (no rolls, etc) in a small, intimate setting. Won't take parties over 5 people.

Pappo / directions
High-class California/French/Med without the bank-busting prices.

You can also find reviews of them on this East Bay Express link. I've been to them all and I really enjoy Spiesekammer for a great casual meal and Angelfish for something a bit fancier.
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Seconding Speisekammer.
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I'm partial to Quinns. It's good if you're in to pub food, good beer selection. It's not on Alameda, but it's easily driveable and with the weather today you'd be hard pressed to find a better place to have a beer in the sun on their deck.
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Thirding Speisekammer - they also have an outdoor space.
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I would recommend heading to Park Street too. Kamakura is good for sushi (Santa Clara, just up from Park). There is a new-ish sushi place at Santa Clara and Webster, I forget the name, which is pretty good. There is also a new mexican-looking place on Webster near Lincoln. You can always walk up and down Webster and look at menus. The-place-that-used-to-be-Croll's at Central and Webster does passable meat pies.
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I've found to be a very effective way of finding restaurants in the Bay Area.
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