Truth or dare?
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Are there any good, non-cheesy erotic adult games?

I'd like to find some games that would be good for a group of two or three couples who are open-minded and sex-positive. I'm thinking games along the lines of Truth or Dare, the Love Dice, and so on. We have tried a few of these games, and most of them tend to be pretty lame. Surely someone has thought up some intelligent and fun interactive erotic games... right? I don't care if it's just a set of rules posted on a web site, as long as it's truly fun.
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Naked Twister.

Not sure how intelligent is, but it sure is fun. Er, so I've heard...
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How about "14 lines and a bottle of rum."
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Great Sex Games has some that you might like.
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Argh. Great Sex Games.
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"How many fingers am I holding up?"
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Is strip poker/go fish/uno/whatever out?
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i don't know if it'd work for a group, but Kama Sutra is a pretty good couples game.
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This sounds ridiculous but Dirty Jenga: buy a Jenga set and write a dirty truth or dare on each one. Don't be bound to the vanilla ideas of some publisher: make it yourself!
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Naked Twister is Not Covered by the Geneva Convention
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"How many fingers am I holding up?"

Thanks, yerfatma... I now need a new keyboard.
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If you don't mind a game that includes drinking in the rules, my friends and I have never gone wrong with Tru-Dare at adult couples' parties.

Come to think of it, I need a new copy--the couple that owned it got divorced, and the one who retained the game kept most of their erotic/"couples" materials for the purpose of destroying them.
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