Researching a job - ideas?
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I'm looking for a new job. I would like to find out more about a position within a large multi-national company than contacts within the firm can tell me. How do I go about this?

I like the idea of Vault, ( but I really don't want to pay for information which I should be able to get simply by using a little legwork (or asking Metafites!).

Things I have done; spoken with people within the company. I have a reasonable idea of the culture of the firm and feel that we are a good match. However the people I have spoken with don't work in the same field I am looking at. (they are in technical sales, I am interested in a project petroleum engineering job). I have spoken with past employees as well, and researched the company's safety policies. Their web site used to list the duties (how I got interested), but it got updated and as a result the information is no longer there.

I have also done additional research on the 'net, but have only come up with vagueries that speak in platitudes but don't speak directly to the position.

I really think the job would be exactly what I am seeking, but don't want to formally submit my CV just yet for personal reasons. In addition, I suspect that this job is not generally found in Canada - although it may be based out of Canada.

How can I find out more about the details of the position?
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Google "" to find employees that have spoken at conferences, been part of a conversation on a board somewhere, etc.

Also, try - I think the free trial would suffice for your needs.
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Vault has free message boards, both industry and company specific. Post this question there - however, my experience is that Vault message boards consist primarily of college kids (though I've only visited the finance industry boards). I'd still try it and just view any responses with skepticism. Make sure to protect your anonymity.

Another possiblity is LinkedIn. It's a professional networking site. You can try searching for people that have worked, or currently work, at the company in question. I think you have to find people through your own "network" that you build on the site, but you may be able to contact people directly in a more limited manner.

I think the only way to get the insight you seek is to find a person to talk to, rather than a website to read. LinkedIn could lead you there, but it's a longshot. Have you contacted your university's alumni organization?
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