Crop images using the shell?
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Is there a console app for *nix that I can use to crop images?

The images are 640x480. I want to cut them in half horizontally, and then cut each half into four separate images vertically. I know I can do this in gimp, but I'd rather do it quickly using the shell. I'm flexible when it comes to file formats (they're PNGs, but it wouldn't be a problem to mass-convert them all to JPEGs). Bonus points for an app that has Debian or Ubuntu binaries available. Thanks!
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ImageMagick or NetPBM should be able to do that.
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and I almost forgot Gimp Script-Fu
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ImageMagick is very easy to use, imo. It is also incorporated into scripts easily. I can't offer any support for NetPBM or Gimp Script-Fu as I have never tried them, ImageMagick has always been more than adequate for my modest needs.
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Read the man page for 'convert'.
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It seems like
convert -crop 640x240 untitled.jpg output.jpg
will do your first part.

Turn on -verbose and you see that it's creating output-0.jpg, output-1.jpg and so on. The original "filename,jpg" chopped into four.

So then I guess you just need to do
convert -crop 160x240  output0.jpg tophalfoutput.jpg
convert -crop 160x240  output1.jpg bottomhalfoutput.jpg
that is, if I understood what you meant.

This is the convert command of ImageMagick of course.
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The original "filename,jpg" chopped into four.

Was meant to be "The original "untitled.jpg" chopped into two"
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Seconding ImageMagick in general and convert in particular.
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The python imaging library would also work well, and if you know python, you'll likely find it easier to pick up than imagemagick.
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