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how do i get water seal\stain for the deck off my siding?

so my brother came over today and stained\water sealed my deck while i was at work (if you must know, i paid him). deck looks good, but he made a mess. used a sprayer in the wind and got spray splatter on my siding and windows sills. also many large drips on the pavers below. what can i use to clean it off, since its mostly dry already?
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Try mineral spirits.
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What kind or brand? With water sealers, depending upon brand and how much of a mess you got, you might need to prime over it with a good oil primer, then paint it with your body or trim color.

With some stain products for decks that have over sprayed onto siding you might be able to just get away with painting over them. Caveat, if siding has old paint (ie 5+ years) on it and you have some paint left over from the original paint job, it might not match because of the original house color fading. Especially if it is directly in the sun.
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If all else fails, go to home depot or lowes and rent a pressure washer. I'm not sure if it works, but if it doen't, it'll be the perfect time to clean the siding of your house!
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To be fair, your brother should really be worrying about it. Since you paid him to do the job, it's his responsibility to do it right. But that might not be an option, depending on your relationship with your brother. :)
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Response by poster: it was thompsons, #501. painting is not really an option; i think the siding came that way, we bought the hosue 2 years ago. i do have a pressure washer (which i bought so he could wash the deck before sealing it). maybe i should fill it with mineral spirits.... and dont worry, little bro will be over on friday to clean it up. he didnt get paid yet.
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Putting mineral spirits in a pressure washer sounds like a close approximation to a flamethrower. I'd use a rag.
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Response by poster: i was jk kirth; hard to get that east coast sarcasm across in text i guess..
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