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How do I get the bubble gum out of my car seats?

I just bought a used car, and although it's running well and mostly in good shape, my backseat passengers were a little disgusted to discover old bubble gum stuck to the seat belts, seat, and door handles. Probably at least a year old, presumably from the kids of the previous owner. The gum is hard, and pretty stuck. I've scraped away at some of it but it's hanging on for dear life. Is there some sort of tool/cleaning solution that I could use to get it off and make my backseat more hospitable? Bonus points for something that works for paint too (these were messy kids, it seems!). Thanks!
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Soak it with WD40. It's the best thing for dealing with bubble gum, but I'd be hesitant to use it in your situation if you have the "fuzzy", porous upholstery, and also if it's on seat belts it might get on clothes later on. But I guess you could in turn scrub that out with detergent.
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Try rubbing it with ice until it hardens, then pick it out with a dental pick. Good luck, I've been there and came "that" close to killing my eldest when he was a youngster.
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Google is said to be effective.
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Mineral spirits usually work pretty well.
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seconding ice
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Do you have access to something that can fire off long(ish) blasts from a compressed CO2 cylinder? Something like a can-powered modeller's airbrush? If so, a sustained blast from the CO2 will make the gum very brittle and easy to chip away. It might take a few squirt/chip cycles, but it should break away piece by piece.

At a pinch, you could use a CO2 bike tyre inflater, but be very careful with your fingers. Using one of those I managed to get a nasty welt on a finger, by cold-welding the skin to a tyre's valve.

Once you've got rid of the gum, you're probably going to be left with nasty greasy stains.
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Goo Gone - It's fantastic stuff!
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I'm thinking "fire".
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Get one of those compressed air dusters used to clean keyboards and other computer related equipment. Hold it upside down and spray the gum. It will freeze it and you should be able to pull it right off.
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Seconding Goo Gone. Although I like the idea of cryo-freezing it as well. :)
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Similar to Goo Gone, I've heard Goof-Off is very good as well.
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