Safari download plugin needed.
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I need a Safari plugin that will allow me to download all of the files/folders from a given website. Does this exist? Where?
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Give the Scrapbook extension a try.
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I need this for Safari, not Firefox. (Do the two cross pollinate?)

Also, I need to be able to download a metric assload of files (mp3s, mostly) from a site in one fell swoops, not neccesarily download the site itself.
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I don't know if such a plug-in exists, but if it does, you can probably find it via Pimp My Safari. (and, no, Firefox plug-ins won't work with Safari)
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Does it have to be a Safari plugin? I'd just install wget and do something like wget -r -nd -N -np -A.mp3 -erobots=off to suck all the mp3s on the site.
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DeepVacuum does this - All MP3s from a given URL, for instance. It's really just a shiny front-end to wget, but it works...
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You can use Automator to make a script that will download all links matching a pattern. I don't have the link at work, but I remember seeing a mp3 blog-leeching script shortly after it came out.
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I've used Simple wget for this kind of thing. Not a plugin, it's a standalone app that's a front end to wget.

What you want is generically referred to as a "site ripper"--you could google that.
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I use SpeedDownload and it works great. Very customizable.
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Not a plugin, but I do this with both SiteSucker and DevonThink.
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Does it need to be a plugin? Httrack is a good downloader/offline browser and you can set it up to filter for certain files.
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I use suck it down. I like its button

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I'd go with the wget crowd. If you want to give it a try, you can install it using Darwin Ports. You'll need admin privileges to install it.
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