What resin is in this fabric?
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I just got some of this nifty resinated chirimen fabric. The manufacturer won't tell what's in it. It hasn't darkened the fabric, doesn't leave a residue on your hands, doesn't smell. It's very pliable, holds a crease, holds a curl, keeps it from fraying.

I don't think it's any kind of wax or starch. Googling leads to talk of resinated sails and industrial stuff and a patent from the 1940's in India. I wonder if it some kind of polyurethane, but what kind?
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I don't know about your fabric, but there's a product sold in the US that might contain a similar resin. It's called Fray Check, applied to fabric to prevent raveling. According to the manufacturer's FAQs, it is a nylon plastic in an alcohol base. (That still leaves a lot of possibilities, of course.) Fray Check hasn't darkened anything I've applied it to, hasn't stiffened anything too much, doesn't smell when dry, etc. If you do a patent search you might be able to find out what exactly they use, which might give you some clues as to what might be in your chirimen.

Are you asking because you want to treat some of your own fabric? I'd suggest trying Fray Check (no affiliation, just a satisfied customer). Unfortunately it comes in little tiny bottles and it's kind of pricey that way, but maybe you could find it in bulk.
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Thanks, Quietgal. I do want to use it on some other fabric. Fray Check doesn't have as much body as this mystery stuff, but that's a good idea to check what's in Fray Check.
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lobakgo, this stuff is beautiful, and I wonder if it would work for something I do? I use ribbon to produce a little product, and I am always looking for new designs. Is this stuff soft and pliable, like a good fabric ribbon, or is is more like the acetate floral ribbon? Thanks for any insight you can give me.
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It's more like pliable ribbon. When I say it holds a curl, it's from me winding a narrower strip on itself tightly and letting it uncurl like a tendril of hair. It is definitely not like floral ribbon. It's woven fabric that has been cut into long strips and impregnated with some great resin that I really, really want to use on some other fabrics.

I think it would work well in your cases. I can also say the service at FabricTales.com was very good and quick. They were most apologetic that the manufacturer couldn't reveal the resin used.
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