What was this ABC's staff announcer's name?
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There was a staff announcer that did ABC promos (and newscast intros for affiliates) in the 1970s-80s-90s. He also appeared (in sample form) on the Beatmasters remix of Depeche Mode's "Route 66." He had this distinctive baritone, and it's bugging me that I can't figure out his name. Sound samples included.

Here are some examples of his voice:
KABC news intro
KOMO news intro
"Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix)" (you can only hear his voice in the first 3-4 seconds)

Any idea? Or do I wait for Google Sound to come out?
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Best answer: Isn't that the same guy who did the "Tonight...on the Looooooove Boat"? Ernie Anderson. (See here for Ernie Anderson samples. His wiki bio has more.
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Sounds like him to me. I played the KABC news intro from the question and the TV/Radio clip from the ernie site at the same time, and they sound (if not identical) really really close.
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Response by poster: Brilliant. Thanks much!
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So who was the guy that did the Levi's commercials in the early '70s and also (i think) some of 7Up from the same period (kind of psychedelic/art deco animation)? I thought I was the same guy, but it doesn't sound right.
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Hmmm, IMDB says it is John Harlan
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Dr.Negative...I vaguely recall those ads. It might have been Ken Nordine. His spiel is certainly trippy enough for what you describe. I know he did a ton of advertising back in the day.
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Definitely Nordine.
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Response by poster: Nordine's word jazz was very influential on Tom Waits and his spoken-word pieces, e.g. "What's He Building In There?"
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Oh yeah. I recall, as a youngster back in the 60's, hearing Nordine's radio spots for, I believe, Midas mufflers (or some other national auto repair place). Really captivating, trippy stuff.
Proof that art and commerce can certainly coexist peaceably.
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The Nordine Levi's ad
Yes, there was a time when "Dacron Polyester" was a selling point...
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That's the guy. Thanks folks.
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Oh, and thanks for bringing back the KOMO memories. :)
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