Identify this video, pleeeaaase.
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Help me identify this music video from about ten years ago on what used to be M2 (MTV2).

I remember watching M2 (UK MTV2 when it first started) around 1996 I guess, and there were a few videos that I absolutely loved such as Honeydew by Mr. Scruff. But there's one video that I desperately want to see again, but I can't for the life of me remember who it was by.

It was quite an urban looking cartoon video, black line drawing on a kind of sepia tone/off-white background and the music was kind of funky hip-hop, if I remember correctly.

The only really vivid thing I recall that happens in the video is that a cartoon skateboarder asks another "do you do disco?" in a speech bubble. Otherwise it was all in an urban setting, I think there may have been a bit in a cartoon record shop or club or something.

I know this is a long shot, but thanks anyway.
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Maybe it's a daft punk video, I seem to remember they were an underground favorite back in the day.

I did find an animated video by 2pac that's pretty goofy. It's the video for "Do For Love". It has some of the things you remember, and was out around 1997, but no skateboarders that I could find.

YouTube link
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Could this be it? This video has some of the stuff you talked about, but no skateboarders. There is, however, a cartoon DJ Squirrel.

Quannum - I Changed My Mind
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Response by poster: It wasn't either of those videos, but I remember loving that Quannum video around the same time.

Definitely not Daft Punk, though.

I'm pretty sure it would have been done by a UK artist.
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