what's the dealio with my honda accord?
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Honda Filter: Since replacing my driver door mirror, I've been having weird coincidental electrical problems on my 98 accord 4-door.

So I replaced the driver side door mirrors about three weeks ago. Everything seemed great after putting it back together.

Then a week later the power door locks ceased to function.

Then last week I've noticed the master power window controls (on the driver door) will not control any of the windows on the left passenger side, only the right side works. The power windows work fine when controled by their respective door switches.

Now my belkin ipod auto-kit makes a loud low frequency clicking noise every second along with a steady high frequency background whine (this auto kit has a little built in amp with a line out). But the clicking only happens half the time. Usually I can get it to quiet by unplugging/plugging back in or killing the motor and restarting.

I checked all the fuses for my windows and locks and they work fine. I even switched them with new ones just in case.

I would like to think all these events are coincidental. None of these problems happened all at once but within a month. There are only two cable connections attached to the inside door frame and they only go in one way. I couldn't have possibly screwed that up. Or could I?

Also, I could probably get better discussion about this on a car talk forum. Any one have good ones to recommend regarding Hondas? Something general. It seems like most of them are for modification enthusiasts.
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Broadband Reports has an automotive forum where you can ask questions like this. I'd check for a ground fault if I were you. Faulty grounds can cause all sorts of weird and seemingly unrelated problems.
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Then again, they may actually be unrelated.
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Best answer: Honda Service Bulletin dated March 23, 1999

Symptom: the right side windows do not respond to the driver's door
window switches and the power door locks do not work.

Probable cause: battery power to the multiplex control unit has been

corrective action: perform multiplex control unit wake-up procedure.

Warranty Claim Info:
operation number: 746505
failed part: P/N 35256-s84-a01
H/C 5435482
defect code: 066
contention code: B99
template ID: 99-022A

Repair Procedure:
1. turn the ignition switch off
2. turn the wiper intermittent time ring to the middle position.
3. turn the ignition switch to on.
4. check the operation of all the power windows from the master
power window swtch and the power door locks.

if the power windows and locks function properly, return the
vehicle to the customer. if the power windows and locks are still
inoperative, perform normal troubleshooting and refer to the Service
Bulletin 98-071
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Best answer: Well, this is just a shot in the dark here, but HondaAccordForum.com might be a good place to ask. Or one of these search results.
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