Portland Oregon group accomodations
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What are good options for a group of guys to vacation in Portland Oregon for 3-4 days?

I'm going to Portland late this summer and meeting a bunch of guys (9) for 3-4 days.

Outside of major chain hotels, can anyone give recommendations for places to stay? Proximity to food and beer...er I mean, beer and food, are a big plus. We'll probably be hanging out, playing poker, etc. so suites are preferable to hotel rooms. Kitchen facilities also a plus.

This is an annual trip that goes to a different part of the country every year, and budget is not a primary concern. In past years we've rented vacation homes, but that seems like less of an option in a city Portland's size.
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I don't have any specific recommendations for lodging, but if you've got a rental car you should go visit Multnomah Falls.

It's trivially easy to find, and depending on traffic it's only about an hour drive. You head east on I-84 and once you're out of the city you take the only left-exit between Portland and the Idaho border. That goes into a parking lot between the two sides of I-84. Park there and follow the foot paths in.

Multnomah Falls is the second highest waterfall in North America (maybe), and if you give yourself an afternoon you can hike to the top where there's a viewpoint that allows you to look downwards from the top of the falls. Anyway, it's doubtful you've ever seen anything like it, and it is well worth the trip even if you don't hike to the top.
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McMenamins Has a few unusual hotels, and since they got their start in the bar business, it might be a good fit. I'll say though, that there is definitely better food and beer elsewhere in Portland, so be sure to get out of the hotel.
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The Inn at Northrup station has rooms with kitchens, it's in the NW, and it's clean and shiny-new. The McMenamins's suggestion is seconded; The Kennedy School is fun, has food & beer right there, plus a cool soaking pool (hot). No kitchen, though, and not as luxurious as some accomodations.
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I'm sharing a couple of suites at the Inn at Northrup Station with six women this summer, and the rates were extremely reasonable. They through in tickets on the street car, and mailed all kinds of maps and information to the friend who booked the rooms. It's also in a happening neighborhood. There's a Trader Joe's a few blocks away, which gives you the option of cooking in, but there are also dozens of restaurants, bars and coffee shops in walking distance.
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I just finished up the booking arrangements for my group of buddies who gather in a different city every year (and record an album).

Portland, Oregon is also our destination city this year and we rented this place. If you'd prefer a vacation home, there are plenty within driving distance of Portland--either on the coast or at Mt Hood.
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Multnomah Falls

It's actually very close to Portland and lots of great hikes. Staying in the gorge is fun too if you want to get out of Portland. In portland Kennedy School is pretty cool and cheap oh and Jupiter Hotel on East Burnside is all arty cool by Portland standards.
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The Kennedy School is great, but it's not walking distance to all the downtown stuff. I too recommend the Inn @ Northrup, it's a cool boutique hotel.
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The Inn @ Northrup is hip, but I'm not sure I would call it "boutique"—just so nobody gets their expectations out of whack. (Hunh. Portland Citysearch calls it "boutique." But still, I wouldn't. YAMV (Your Adjective May Vary)) and i am not saying it is not a good suggestion–it is. i am just ... nevermind
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5th Avenue Suites is owned by the Kimpton Group, a "mini chain." Even its small rooms are suite like. The prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly, and the hotel is smack dab in the middle of downtown. Wine reception every night.

Also downtown is Embassy Suites. Complimentary happy hour every night (mixed drinks, beer, wine, snacks) and made-to-order complimentary breakfast. Not as nice as 5th Avenue, but a slightly better deal.

McMenamins (Kennedy School and Edgefield properties) are cool and funky, but not presidential (e.g., shared bathrooms) and not very suite like.
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The Jupiter Hotel is centrally located (though not downtown). Never stayed there, but it looks cool. It is also home to the Doug Fir, a hipster restaurant/lounge/music venue.
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You almost have a team for Hood to Coast. Breweries, breweries, breweries and Beavers.
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