help me hack my phone
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Is there any way I can use my Vodafone 804SS (Samsung Z540) with my mac via USB?

When I hook it up to my mac it shows up as a modem, and it is able to charge from usb, but I want access to its memory to upload music and off load photos. The supplied software is pc only. Are there any utilities or command line programs for accessing these types of phones? I really don't want to have to install virtual pc just to use my phone..

The phone has bluetooth, but my mac doesn't. would bluetooth be a better option? The manual is all in Japanese so i'm not quite sure which functions are avaiable via bluetooth.
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I'd join and throw this question to these guys:
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Check They answer those kinda questions all the time. You're probably going to end up using bluetooth, but make sure your provider hasn't crippled your phone's bluetooth so that you can't transfer music. I know Verizon does, and Cingular doesn't.
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