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when there are no more poems to be written
go & wake the dead
tell them that the war is over
that victory is ours
tell them that the living too
have found peace


This is word for word; I found a photocopied page from a book in some old papers I was cleaning out. This must have been from the period when I worked at a bookstore and often found little passages I wanted to keep-- however, I was short-sighted and have no idea who wrote it or what the book is. (It is on page 48.) Not only that, but the words are so simple that Googling phrases from it is pointless.

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Where are the Love Poems for Dictators? It seems to be on page 46 in this edition.
posted by tellurian at 6:49 PM on May 22, 2006

there is an earlier edition of the book tellurian linked, that might explain the difference in page numbers. [1986 edition]
posted by blind.wombat at 8:15 PM on May 22, 2006

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