Help us never get dressed.
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Since my lady and I mostly just lay in bed all day, we're looking for some more appropriate clothing for our lifestyles. What are your favorite lounging around clothes?

Our current idea is that she needs a good kimono, and for myself, well, I've got a strange obsession with the bathrobe that Johnny Depp wears in Secret Window. . .does anybody know where to find one like that (minus the holes)? Or alternatively, where did you buy your amazingly soft and comfortable bath robe? Or is there something softer and much more amazingly great that we should know about? Help!
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What's wrong with being nude around the house?

To answer the question though, real kimono are not even remotely comfortable, consisting as they do of numerous heavy layers tightly wound around the body. You are probably thinking about yukata. There are equivalents for men, also. See here.
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Response by poster: This yakuta you speak of sounds fantastic. Do you happen to know of a good place to buy one?
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Never done it myself, but first few hits from google point towards this shop, for example. There's a huge online presence devoted entirely to importing Japanese goods to the USA, so you should not have any problem whatsoever finding someplace you're comfortable dealing with.
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Best answer: As you might expect, my favorite robe comes from Bean. Soft, warm Portuguese flannel, indeed. The only caveat is it takes a few washings to get nice and soft.
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Try kaftans - long full-body outfits that are loose and roomy. They're common loungwear in Malaysia, and are just so comfortable.

The casual loungey ones are pretty cheap - at least here in Malaysia they are.
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I bought several sets of oversized shirts and drawstring pants in India made from linen. I'm wearing them out so my in-laws are bringing more when they visit this summer.

If your city has a little India section, look for clothing shops and see what they have. Don't rely on size labels, be sure to try them on.

Once upon a time I read an article on small tailor shops in southest Asia that advertise via e-bay and ship to the US, google around.
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I must confess, I'm more interested in how you got this bizarre lifestyle(?) than the actual question ;-) It sounds like hell (okay, for a week it'd be nice ;-)).
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Second the kaftan, but if yr set on a robe, I suggest a pair of thai fisherman's pants underneath it.

Although a life like that is tailor-made for domestic nudism, if you ask me.
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wackybrit - I was thinking the same thing.
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Best answer: Yukata will work or you can get jinbei which is truly made for indoor lounging. The store I linked is based in Japan and they also stock yukata. Their designs are conservative but a bit more "authentic."
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Best answer: If you spend a lot of time in bed, invest in some sheets with an obscenely high thread count. We used to obtain ours for a reasonable price.
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I know some people think it's pretentious but I love love love scrub pants and a tank top or old t-shirt. If there's a discount medical supply nearby?

Yay for you and the lady! That's a grand way to be.
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Response by poster: not sure if my roomates would be cool about turning the place into a nudist colony just yet, but I'll try and find out. :)

Great answers guys, thanks!

anjamu: That website is fantastic! Are those prices for real? 1000 thread count sheets for a hundred bucks? Shipping for a dollar? Crazy. Thanks!
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Big soft fluffy towels.
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I seriously doubt that those sheets are really 1000 thread count.

And I never sleep on anything less than 300 thread count, so you know I take my sheets seriously!
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