TVWoP recaplets?
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Are there archives of Television without Pity's initial smaller recaplets anywhere? I can only seem to find archives of their full multi-page recaps, but I'd enjoy going back and reading through an entire season of something using the smaller recaplets.
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Ask amarynth. She'll know.
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Best answer: Not yet, but Glark (one of the heads of TWoP) has said that there will be recaplet archives when they do the next major site upgrade (TWoP 2.0). Of course, it was a year ago when he said that.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Gator... I'm surprised that this isn't a feature of the site already. Oftentimes the recaplets are more ejoyable than the fullblown recaps... like little haikus of snark.
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Now that they've moved to a new recap server, they've begun to archive the recaplets, after a fashion: if you go the first page of a full recap, there'll be a "In a hurry?" link you can click on to read the recaplet, like so. Seems a little clunky, and I'm guessing they're only doing it going forward and not going back and inserting old recaplets, but better than nothing, I suppose.
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