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Tell me about day spas?

The particulars: I'm a guy, I've had deep-cleansing acne-preventation facials before.

The question: Day Spa treatments - what are they?!

I'm considering going to SpaEthos in Vancouver. In their "Just for Him" services list, I'm pretty sure what the Gentlemen's facial and the various waxings entail.

What the might "body polish," "hand detailing," and "brow fix" be - and has anyone who've been worked on recommend said treatments?
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most day spa treatments consist of a la carte treatments, which may include exfoliation (body polish - and if they do this with dry salt, all the better), some sort of waxing (the brow fix fits into that category - get rid of distracting stray hairs, particularly in the unibrow area), manucure (that would be the hand detailing - your hands as a car metaphor) perhaps with some paraffin to exfoliate the very dry skin on top of the hand.

Basically, a series of treatments to relax, exfoliate (remove the top layer of dead skin - it's painless and feels great), cut and buff your nails, make your skin soft, remove stray hairs, help you relax.

well worth the trip - tell us how it went!
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Body Polish = rub some goo (with exfoliating properties) all over you, rinse
Hand detailing = hard to tell. Probably very similar to a manicure (ie, soak hands, push back and trim cuticles, hand massage) without the polish application (or perhaps with a clear polish application)
Brow fix = brow wax. Wax is applied to unibrow area and to any other bushy outgrowth, and is then yanked off. (this hurts)
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Bah, eyebrow waxing is only painful for about 10 seconds, if that.

Get your legs waxed. Now that's pain.
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Brow fix might be tweezing as well as or instead of waxing.
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Leg waxing, please. Get a brazilian bikini wax. Now THAT'S pain.

I had a body polish once and it was great- my skin felt so soft afterwards.

Don't forget to get a massage!!!
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Yes, I'm with elisabeth r in saying that you've not experienced pain until you've had a brazilian.

Body polishes are great to ready yourself for warmer weather since it sloughs off your rough, dry skin. I find it rather relaxing too, since the oil/salt mixture is rubbed all over your body--almost like a massage, but it's not therapeutic since they don't work your muscles.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!

(I've had my legs waxed... surprisingly painless. Nostril hairs accidentally tugged on during a trim - that's painful)
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