What's this cable? Does it have any value?
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What's this cable? Would it have enough value to anyone for me to sell it or put it on eBay, or should I just chuck it or try to give it away?

My guess is that it's an RGB Video or Monitor thing, but I've no idea if it's of ancient or modern use.
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It looks like a Composite BNC cable.
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It is indeed a video cable. I have a monitor which uses one a format like that, but it's VGA on one end, like these, not RGB as well which makes me suspect that this is either more specialist, or more ancient, or both. I don't think graphics cards have ever had RGB outputs which makes it even odder.
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Response by poster: FreezBoy's BNC cable looks right, but with more cable-ends on each side. Would that make mine a 3 BNC to 3 BNC cable?
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Freezeboy is wrong, it's a Component BNC cable.

Some old worstations had these (Maybe only SGI?), which is why some monitors take them, which is why some people used VGA -> BNC component.

Throw it out, secure in the knowledge that if you ever need it you can get a replacement for a dollar.
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Don't throw it away. Clearly there's some demand for them, and, just as clearly, there's too much stuff in the waste stream already. Give it to Goodwill. Goodwill will put it on a shelf, someone will come along and buy it, and, someday, when you need a goofy obscure cable, you'll be able to find one on eBay. It's all part of nature's, y'know, cycle.
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It's a component BNC cable. They're generally used in Pro broadcast applications (such as between a digital betacam and a capture card.)

I have seen a couple of monitors that use a cord like this (RGB instead of component - but iwth the BNC ends.) What makes me think that it comes from a computer/videocard/monitor is the formed 'ends' of each cable. Usually BNC is just in a single rubber tube wwith each of the three cables inside.
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I would just put it on eBay and start the auction at 50 cents. At least it will go to good use.
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Those are also used on some medical imaging systems, like ultrasound or MRI, that use a separate monitor. I do think it's unlikely that you'd find a buyer for the cable.
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The cable is probably only good for TV signals - component for monitors needs two extra cables for telling the receiever the frequency and what color the frequency is synced on (or something). At least that's how my monitor works with a VGA -> BNC component cable.
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A lot of amateur radios use BNC connectors aplenty, for signal transmission from antenna to unit. Could also be used by ham operators like me to hook up three different antennas to three respective decks (for a field day) without having a jumble of cords. You might mention that in the eBay title or description to get more exposure, because Amateur Radio equipment isn't especially common and sometimes pretty pricey.
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Could walk it down to the local public access station and gift it to 'em.
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vanoakenfold: I doubt that. This is indeed a video cable, it will probably not be suitable as an antenna cable.

filmgeek is right. The proper description for this cable would be something like "triple BNC video cable". Not cheap if it's a high quality cable.
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