How do you make a Palm a guitarist's best friend?
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How do I convert my Palm into a guitar player's best friend?

I have an old PDA (Palm OS) laying around and I was wondering how I can convert it (install software on it) to make it a chromatic tuner, chord dictionary, and most importantly, a ultra-portable and backlit tab book.

Ideally, the software that displays the tab would be able to automatically scroll (as I won't be able to scroll down while I am playing).

Lastly, make it as inexpensive as posible.

Also, any suggestions that could add to this already amazing idea would be welcomed.
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There is a bunch of guitar related stuff on PalmGear. Sounds like AeroTab might be the main thing you need.
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I've never seen an auto-scrolling tab book for Palm OS, but here's an idea:

Try searching the palm software sites for eBook-reading software that has both
1) auto-scrolling capability; and
2) ability to read PDFs (or other formats you can author yourself that support included graphics).

Then you create PDFs with your tab squares stacked on top of each other -- matching (through trial and error) the distance between them with the speed you want them to pass by on the screen.
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