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Can anyone recommend a good insurance broker for the San Francisco Bay Area? My current guy is getting very flaky and I want to shop around for my home owners and car insurance. I'm looking for someone I can trust. -Thanks.
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I've been using Campus Insurance in San Jose for my car insurance and renter's insurance. I don't really talk to them that often, but I think they're pretty good. They are certainly friendly and they shop around for policies.
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Amica insurance is nationwide but based in San Rafael, CA I think. I've used them for years and been very happy. When my car was stolen they paid for the loaner for a month and gave me blue book replacement value, no hassle. Consumer reports ranked them highly back in the 90's when I started with them.
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I second Amica
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Amica was also ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by JD. Power last year IIRC
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