Help this lonely bookworm find a virtual community.
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Please recommend a good book blog where I can hang out. Because heaven knows I don't fritter away enough time on the Internet.

I'd like this hypothetical blog to be both fun and intelligent with a nice community feel, and have an intelligent and sensible moderator. Since I read widely, I'd like the blog to be generalist rather than only for a specific genre. In short, it should be like Metafilter, only for books.

I used to hang out at the book section in the forum before it was shut down and I enjoyed it in a way, though the level of discourse was not high enough and Wing Chun's assholish "we'll do it my way or you'll shut up" moderation style always did annoy the living shit out of me. But it's become the loser ex I think about because I can't find a replacement. Fix me up with an eligible new site, MeFites!
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I have heard is the place cool book nerds are hanging out these days. I'm not a member, cannot vouch for moderator habits, etc, but it's been recommended at AskMe before.
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I imagine some of the Fametracker people moved to Chicklit as Deborah who runs it is part of TWoP. (Despite the name, it's a site for all sorts of books: I think the point of the name was that it was for women interested in books.) I haven't visited those forums in ages. Good literary blogs: Bookslut; Robert Birnbaum; the Elegant Variation; Maud Newton; Sarah Weinman. These are all personal blogs tho' not communities.
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Readerville might be up your alley.
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Try I Love Books. No-frills site, smart people and good discussions.
Try the Blog view if you like, somewhat easier to follow. .
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Well if you like genre fiction at all I hang out at the SFFWorld boards.
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Wing Chun's assholish "we'll do it my way or you'll shut up" moderation style always did annoy the living shit out of me.

Heh. She and the rest of the mods at Television Without Pity have run off a lot of great contributors from that site, too, for the exact same reason.

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I just checked out this I Love Books site on the above rec, and it's interesting but haven't these people heard of the SHIFT key?

Or is that old-fashioned of me?
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you're old fashioned.

i'm a big fan of bookslut as well.
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Bookninja is a fun Canadian book/poetry site that rawks. Those damn silly Canadians. Also love bookslut too.
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I also love Bookslut.
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Not strictly a book blog, but wood s lot is great for generally literary / artistic posts. Sadly, no discussion, though.
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It's not quite what you asked for, but I suspect that you might also find things of interest at Arts & Letters Daily.

And a little more off the beaten path, I'm rather intrigued by UbuWeb lately.
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You may want to check out LibraryThing. It is primarily a service to keep a track of the books that you have on your physical bookshelf, but you can derive some community feelings from it. For example it can analyze your own book catalog, compare it to other users' catalogs, and let you get in contact with them to discuss bookishness. I also believe that there are places to comment on things everywhere.
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