Should I play with my TS1000?
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So, I just received a Timex Sinclair 1000 (WITH the 16k memory upgrade! and flight simulator!) as a gift. Should I open the box and play to my hearts content? Or will this monolith of computing power be worth enough in the future, to justify it staying trapped and suffocated in its yellowed shinkwrap?

My mom got it for me off ebay as a graduation present, and yes, my mom rocks. The box is a bit dusty, but shrinkwrapped and mostly mint. As a total dork, I'm itching to rip it open and start playing with it, but I am vaguely aware that people like to pay lots of money for old things.
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What would make your mom most happy?
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Best answer: Do you really want to be one of those people who don't play with their toys because they're more concerned about their collectible value?
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You can still buy the kits for $99 in a couple of places, so I'd say rip that baby open and have fun.
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By the way, here is the link for buying more kits, books, etc.
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Open it up, baby. Life is way too short.
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If you want to have your cake and play Rubic's Cube simulator with it too, why not buy an open box one off ebay and keep the present in mint condition?
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Mass produced computer != investment.


As far as I can tell.
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Best answer: If your mom wanted you to have an investment that you could potentially double your money in 20 years, she would have bought you a savings bond or some stocks.

Your mom wanted you to grin like an 8 year old again because she loves you. Take some pictures of yourself opening the ts1000 & upload them to flickr. Send her and us the link. Go get 'em.
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It's just not worth much(Saw one dusty at a pawn shop for $8 last year), and I don't see it getting any better. If you were talking about something exotic like a Z88 there'd be some discussion, but towards the EOL of the TS1000 a local department store was giving them away with purchases over $50. (I know - My brother gleefully pointed out every time the price dropped)
I cut my teeth learning Basic and ML on those things. @wheee! Thanks for a trip down memory lane!
Enjoy yourself and watch out for the memory pack wiggles. :)
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defiantly play, the thing will not accumulate any great worth in your lifetime
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Man, I saved my allowance for months to scratch together the $99 this baby cost. Looking back, might be the best $99 I ever spent in terms of enjoyment/dollar. Putting that heavy 16K block on the back, and loading up Flight Simulator in the tape player. Good times, good times.

I say open that sucker.
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I'm pleased to see that enfa's response took Best Answer. It deserved it.
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Now that's a sweet little machine. My brother and I used to spend hours "keying" in Basic programs for it and running from T. Rex in 3D Monster Maze. Open it! Have fun!
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I sure wish that computers would appreciate in value instead of depreciating sharply. It's an exciting curiosity for computer geeks but not a whole lot of value otherwise. If you want a machine that will truly appreciate in value in 30 years from now, I suggest buying as many IBM 5100's as you can.
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Oh, man. My first computer. Never had flight sim, though. It was a gateway drug to the C=64 that kept me busy for five years. Play with it, please. Enjoy. You have a lot of good memories looking over your shoulder.
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