Free menu code?
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Where can I find free DHTML menu code that doesn't require a visible link back to the developer's website?
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Use Suckerfish for single-level drop-down menus, and Son of Suckerfish for multi-level (nested) versions. They're almost pure CSS (incorporating a tiny bit of JS solely for IE compatibility).

Nota bene: A List Apart (the first link) seems to be down right now for some reason... do a google search for Suckerfish menus and you will find what you seek. They're the best.
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i don't mean to be mean, but if you're going to take code from someone else, the polite thing would be to give them credit. Or write your own code.
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I shouldn't say this, since the ethics are questionable, but it's so easy to remove that link back to the dev's website that I'm surprised you haven't just gone that route. It's just HTML, and 90% of the web is plagiarized anyway.
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xospecialk: if one is building a commercial website, say, it is not acceptable to have visible credit links for various page components. tizzie's question is perfectly reasonable.
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I also recommend the Suckerfish dropdowns. But I've had problems with different width menus and Suckerfish. You can try the Macromedia mm_menu code. You can find it in Dreamweaver, or look for copies online. It's got a royalty free license that allows you to use it provided you keep the copyright notice in the source code. No need for an annoying linkback. I was also looking at the Ultimate Drop Down Menu at one point, but ended up using mm_menu.
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There's also Yet Another Dynamic Menu. Lots of good info on this site...
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the polite thing would be

to honor the license and request from the writer, which does not in all cases mean a visible link, actually. And just because it doesn't have a visible link doesn't mean it doesn't have links and attribution in the source, where any of us who are interested in that sort of thing can find them pretty readily. You seem to have made a wrong turn - axe grinding is over here.

Listamatic isn't a bad choice either.
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I based one on the dropdown menu from The site's disappeared, but the Wayback Machine still has it.
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Youngpup had some that became a SourceForge project. They may be out-of-date compared to the CSS ones above.
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The honest thing would be

to honor the license

The polite thing would be

to have attribution links on the about page for the website. (just "Thanks to these sites for their code/or images: ")

There's no need for the link to be on every single page, it doesn't help any sort of pagerank (in fact, it ends up looking like spam, and could decrease pagerank). You could take the link out of any menu you are already using, if the license allows it.
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The mm_menu info worked - thanks, formless. And thanks, killdevil and phearlez, for sticking up for me.
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