Why am I prompted to enter a master password for a "Software Security Device" in Firebird .7 on Windows 2000?
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Using Firebird .7 on Windows 2000 I am frequently prompted to enter a master password for a "Software Security Device". I didn't even know I had a Software Security Device and sure as hell don't know the password for it.

Poking around in the preferences turns up something related in advanced>certificates>manage security devices but I obviously can't change the password without knowing the old one and it will not let me unload the module. Google hasn't turned anything up and a clean install failed to solve the problem.
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Is it anything like this bug? Or perhaps this one? Your best bet for finding out about problems with Mozilla is always bugzilla.

Also make sure you nuke your profile, not just the browser, when upgrading or reinstalling.
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The software security device (provided you set a master password) encrypts all the passwords you store for the various websites you visit in Firebird. In theory, there would be other security devices for things like biometric scanners and smart card systems, but I don't know if those actually exist.

To get rid of it, follow this link to the hidden master password panel, and choose "Reset Password"
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I forgot; it doesn't let you click it (for security reasons). You have to copy and paste it into your title bar.
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Response by poster: Thanks.

majick: Your entirely right, I should have checked Bugzilla first. After following your links I noticed that a patch had been checked in to CVS and downloaded the most recent nightly. All seems to be well and as an added bonus Flash installed and actually works (a first for me and Firebird).

boaz: Thanks for that, it's something that I have saved as I'm sure I'll be needing it again :)
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