Sous La Plague
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How can I buy tickets to see The Pipettes at Sous La Plague at Park of Paris?

My husband and I will be in Paris in late July and I noticed on their website that they'll be playing at the Sous La Plague at Park of Paris. An internet search of Sous La Plague and Park of Paris didn't reveal any more information. Is Sous La Plague a festival? How can I find out more about this show/festival (I need to know the time as we're actually flying out of Paris late that day) and buy tickets?
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You might have better luck searching if you looked for Sous la plage instead of "plague".
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In any case, it's a free festival of sorts that goes on at various parks &c around Paris once a week I believe. The events are free, there are no tickets. I see on their website they haven't yet announced any line-ups.
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"Sous la plage" is a festival. It takes place every year at the Parc André Citroën, it's an open air event. The official site hasn't been updated yet.
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Oops--that was how it was spelled on The Pipettes' website. I was able to gather that it's a festival involving free concerts in Paris during the summer but my web search seemed to indicate that the festival events generally takes place on Sundays (according to their website, the band is playing at the festival on July 22nd which is a Saturday) and I haven't found anything about dates or times for this year yet.
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I see there is a night show on the 22nd, so I assume that's what you're after. Doesn't say the exact time, but if you're leaving late that day, you're probably out of luck for a "nocturne".
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zinegurl, just to explain a little bit more. I guess you know that for the last few years there's been a beach on the Seine - the Paris Plage - to attract visitors in late July/August when everyone's gone off to the countryside. There are various events around Paris to tie in with this including films and concerts: there'll be lots more about the Paris Plage on the city's website in the next month or so. Sous la Plage isn't, despite the name, on the beach but in the park. Last year it was 4 Sunday afternoons/evenings but this year there's Saturday as well. It's free and not ticketed, you just go along. There'll be a running order posted on the site at some point like last year. I'm sure you're in a better position than me to guess where The Pipettes might be in the schedule: with any luck they'll be on early enough for you to catch them. (I haven't actually make it to any of the Sous la Plage, but have had fun with some of the other events.)
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