Boston Restaurant for Entertaining Clients?
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Recommend a restaurant in Boston for business dining?

I will be taking out clients in Boston and would like your recommendation for a restaurant suitable for entertaining 10-15 people? I would prefer not just any restaurant, but something that sets it apart from others, has great food, ambience, etc. Basically, something that will be impressive and they would want to check out. Thanks for your help!
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Abe and Louie's, if they like steak and really good cocktails. It's a gold standard for business dining in town.
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I would kill a man, in front of his own mother, to eat at Locke-Ober, which is a giant slab of old-school eatery with a rule about jackets and a great that Lydia Shire has made stellar again.
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Wow, half my post got eaten. L'Espalier is the place I'd kill a man in front of his own mother to dine at.
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There's always Top of the Hub... killer views of the city, especially at night.
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Basically, something that will be impressive...

Hands down. Smith & Wollensky. They spent more than $20 million (reportedly) refurbishing the old armory (make sure you tour all four floors), their menus are framed wood, their chocolate cake is pornographically large... I can recommend a dozen great restaurants in Boston, but the word "impressive" screams Smith & Wollensky.
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Ruth's Chris Steak house. It is in the Old City Hall. Just steps away from the Old South Meeting house. It is also the former site of Maison Robert.
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Second on Smith & Wollensky at the Castle -- the various dining rooms define "atmosphere." The food is great. Very unique experience.
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Legal Seafood - frugalness, even in your indulgence, is a New England virtue. They have very good food and you won't be wasting the corporation's money. If you are an investment banker ignore what I just said.
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Opentable is a great place to look for high-end restaurants in Boston.

If you are in Cambridge, Rialto in the Charles Hotel is one of those consumate business dinner places.

Abe and Louie's is also a good choice. Locke-Ober is good, but can be a bit stuffy. I would consider Sibling Rivalry - good food, with a neat concept - two brothers each cook the same ingredients in different styles in a fancy South End restaurant, quite nice.
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I like Davio's.

Second Abe & Louie's (you might be able to get a private dining room there).
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Turner Fisheries! We had a very small wedding reception there (private dining room available) and the service was outstanding. Their clam chowder was voted the best in Boston so many times they had to be taken out of the running so someone else would have a chance to win. Off of Copley Square.
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