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I'm looking for discussion list software that will allow users to receive e-mails only from other users that are within X miles of their zip code.

I have a concept for a discussion list with subscribers that are geographically diverse. I would like subscribers to be able to receive only announcements that are within some user-selectable range of miles from their home zip code.

Postings are entered via a web form and must include a zip code. Subscriber's provide their zip code and their desired mileage range when they subscribe.

The post would then be mailed to all subscribers whose desired range includes the originating zip.

Doesn't seem too difficult to do conceptually but I would like to find a ready-made solution, or 80% of a solution that I can tweak. FOSS preferred; but will consider commercial if the price is right.

Anyone know of something like this?
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Cant think of a commerical service but you could easily get someone to code this for you. I once did a project for a client where I had to list all stores within x miles. I used a zip code database to figure that out. Its the same idea and quite simple to implement. This database is easily available and seems like you just need to integrate that into an existing discussion list script.
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