How many U.S. scientists do biomedical research?
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I'm writing a business plan for a company that will develop software for scientists doing biomedical research. I need to estimate the size of the market--e.g. how many labs in the U.S. fit this category. One starting point would be the number of grants given out annually by the NIH. Does any one know this number or know where I can find it? Any other suggestions as to how to make this estimate?
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You might walk around the grants section of NIH's website. There's tons of pubilc information, e.g.:

• Office of Extramural Research
• Award Trends
New Investigators/Applicants
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Don't forget the biotech industry, if your software would suit that type of research. Industry often has more money to throw at "luxuries" like highly-specific software than academia. You could probably find a list of all biotech companies in something like the Thomas Register.
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Once you have that list, you can grab a prospectus for each company detailing its research focus. Financial reports detail R&D expenditures, a percentage of which is devoted to IT purchasing. offers a list of clinical trials, phases and the companies running them. If your software targets a specific research market, you can use the clinical trial list to concentrate your marketing to a group of start-ups, mid-range and larger biopharmaceutical companies.
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Wonderful--I had poked around the NIH site but hadn't managed to find the useful links suggested; I'd also neglected non-academic facilities. Excellent and helpful answers all--thanks Mr. Six and Quietgal!
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So what exactly are you planning to develop? Because I've got some suggestions...
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My email address is in my profile, Mr. Gunn--I'd love to discuss it with you.
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