Windows Explorer behaving weirdly
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Windows Explorer behaves weirdly; showing all my desktop folders as "Desktop". Screenshot here. What's going on?
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Do you have a link that doesn't require signing in?
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Install TweakUI and try the functions under the "Repair" options. Aside: it would be good to provide basic information like the version of Windows that you're using, anything that you might have installed recently, and any steps that you have already tried to fix it. As is there is really very little to go on in your question.
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Response by poster: More information: I'm using Window XP Home Edition, version 2002, Service Pack 2. This problem has appeared for a long time; so it's hard to pinpoint it to a specific download. As it is, I hardly download or install stuff off the net. Did not try to fix it yet, as I don't even know where to start.

Just wondered if there's anyone here may have encountered the same problems.

edd - here's another URL for the screenshot.
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It's been a while, but I think I had the same problem (showing the name of all of those folders as "Desktop").

If memory serves, it had to do with a particular toolbar I had on the taskbar ("Desktop" sounds about right). It was the strangest thing, because you don't think the two would be connected.
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Known bug. If you have a folder on the desktop named 'desktop' you'll get all kinds of weirdness. It's a known issue and the solution is to rename the folder to something other than 'desktop' and the problem will go away.
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