PowerBook slow to recognize my iPod
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Why does my PowerBook G4 take so long to recognize my 60g iPod?

I recently purchased a used 60g iPod (4th generation). When I connect it to my PowerBook, it takes quite some time -- usually over 30 seconds, sometimes over a minute -- before the PowerBook "sees" the iPod. This seems to happen regardless of whether I connect via USB or Firewire. My previous iPod (4th gen 20g) typically connected and was recognized within just a few seconds of connection to the PowerBook (or my desktop pc).

Why the delay with the new(er) iPod?
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Is it formatted for PC? FAT enabled drives (not just iPods) are atrocious at being loaded. My friend's iPod takes much more time to load than my Mac formatted iPod.
posted by Napierzaza at 8:04 AM on May 17, 2006

Napierzaza beat me to it -- it's the formatting. I have mine flashed with the Windows version of the firmware and have it formatted as FAT32 so that I can plug it into both systems and have the same issue. If you're using only a Mac you can download the newest iPod updater for the Mac and restore it -- if you don't mind losing the music currently on there and plan on only using it with your Mac.
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Response by poster: Many thanks. I'll dl the updater and re-load my iTunes library.
posted by fearless_yakov at 11:48 AM on May 17, 2006

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