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Sending email via Gmail using POP and Verizon ISP?

When I try to use Gmail's POP feature to send email via (my ISP is Verizon), I am unable to send. I can only send if I use the webmail interface. Attempting the same at work (non-verizon ISP) via POP and works fine.

Is there a workaround for sending via GMail / POP using Verizon as the ISP?

I get the feeling this is an issue with Verizon not allowing use of certain ports, but I haven't been able to find the answer online.
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You don't send email by POP. You send by SMTP. What is your SMTP server set as?
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Response by poster: edd: SMTP outgoing server =, server port = 578, use SSL, authentication = password, username = entire gmail address, password = my password. Under advanced tab, port = 995, use SSL, authentication = password.
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It might just be a typo you made, but the port for SMTP ought to be 587 not 578.
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If what matthewr pointed out isn't the problem, you might try adding a standard Verizon smtp server to if such a server is available to you. Often you can send through a server using another From address, so you'll be able to use it with your gmail address. is clever enough to try SMTP servers until it gets one from its list that works, or at least ask you at the time you send an email which one to try if the first one fails.
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Response by poster: In fact, that was the issue! I'm glad it was so easy. Thanks for pointing this out.

Anyone have any idea why, when I send from the webmail interface, I receive a copy of the email in
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Anyone have any idea why, when I send from the webmail interface, I receive a copy of the email in

You move it to your 'sent' folder, so you have all your outgoing emails locally available as well and not just the ones that you sent via
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Response by poster: cerbous, is this a normal behavior for gmail? do you mean establish a rule to move that mail to the sent folder?
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Yes, that's normal behavior. I'm not sure whether you can turn it off. But I really like it, since you really have all your mail available locally.

Oh, and of course, creating a filter to move them automatically makes it all the more convenient.
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